Friday, 16 November 2007

Thursday 15th November Dazed Exhibition

Kim Howells invited me to the private view of an exhibition of the latest cover story shoot for Dazed & Confused Magazine. I think that the gallery space was formerly Primary colour which made me a bit sad. Another printworks that has closed in London due to the digital age. However, it was exciting on a personal note as one of the prints features a necklace that I made on commission for the shoot...............see cross necklace teamed with Burberry look below


johanna said...

You can see the shoot in full at too

Stuart said...

Hey Fred, Glad you could make it last night. I run the Print Space, where the show took place. Its next door to the old primary, not the same space. We are a brand new printing company for the digital age, so dont feel sad! There is new life in the indusrty now, we made all the prints for last night on site. We are a new concept where people make thier own prints - check out our website for more details

maria francesca said...

Hi Fred..I saw u last night without knowing who u were. Then I read your name on Dazed looking at your beautiful necklaces and foud out your blog. Your fluo hair told me who you were! that everything's clear and I had the chance to explore our blog I have to say I wish I could know you yesterday, 'cause you seam so talented, true and alive. I hope we'll meet somewhere else to have a chat
p.s. I do jewellery too, so my compliments cost me a big piece of self esteeme!