Saturday, 10 February 2018

Saturday 10th February: "Harmonics In Space" at NOW Gallery = Work In Progress

Last year NOW Gallery invited me to pitch an idea for their Fashion exhibition within the 2018 scheme of shows and it's finally coming to fruition which is a dream come true! "Harmonics in Space" will run from 28th February – 29th April with a public private view on Tuesday 27th February which everyone is welcome to, just RSVP to

This is the reason I have been unusually quiet on here and not blogging every day because I've been deep in the multi-tasking process of putting together a solo-show................ whilst also marathon training!  

Here are some shots from the work-in-progress including the cardboard fabrication testing with exhibition designer Install Archive.  Lee Regan has been incredible to work along side, as he has taken each inspiration and engineered how to fabricate it into a multi faceted landscape within the gallery.  Its been like witnessing a micro case study of a whole new creation and evolution as he's invented and developed each co-dependent mechanism.   I'll be sharing more of this as we start in install.

But for now, here is the introduction to the installation as insight as what to expect............. 

Welcome to a therapeutic world.  Fred Butler creates a joyful destination for healing with light, colour, shape and sound.  In this environment she explores chromotherapy and light as an antidote to SAD - seasonal defective disorder - and to our urban living.


Headphones are available from the front desk to experience a sonic journey by Natureboy created for the exhibition.  He combines live instrumentation, synthesizers and his own voice in a series of rich, reflective and detailed compositions. The contrasting tempos, textures and moods reflect the many facets of Fred Butler’s exploration of the senses.  Music Heals”


Fred’s on-going interest in wellbeing led her to discover Rudolph Laban’s theory ‘Harmonics in Space’ of how our bodies are formed of polyhedral shapes within the environment. The first and smallest of the polyhedral is the tetrahedron, located at the centre. Vibrations here are closely related to breathing and our intense awareness of being alive. Fred believes that through constant computer work and hunching over devices, this tetrahedron gets blocked.  Take this opportunity to stand, breath and expand your chests to recharge the whole body to be responsive.


“We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically”.  As with shape Fred believes that colour has a profound affect on our moods, emotions and daily life.  This immersive installation gives the opportunity to step away from the grey of everyday into the full spectrum.


Dip your head into a polyhedral to encounter healing light. These shapes relate in concentric order, and form harmonic structures in the gallery. This environment offers an interplay between the conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche, stimulating the imagination and releasing creativity. 


This exhibition is about looking after you.  It’s inclusiveness addresses Fred’s concern about the future of human nature becoming introverted, isolated and immobile. Let go of instant gratification from constant scrolling and over stimulation which shortens attention span. Enjoy the moment, forget the past, don’t speculate the future be in the NOW.


Take time to make origami. We have an exclusive colourful mystic mascot to match your mood.  Give yourself creative space to switch off, contemplate and make.  Decorate your cosmic creature and keep as a magic memento of your day.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Wednesday 31st January: 3rd Rail Print Space launch at Peckham Levels

Since my blog posts promoting the Kickstarter campaign for 3rd Rail Print Space, its been fully funded and set up within the creative hub of Peckham Levels.  The official launch invited the public in for an evening to sample London's largest open access screen printing facility.  There was a chance to pull your own print to make a Camille Walala pattern tote bag to test the new equipment and take away a cosmic keepsake.  Technicians were demonstrating printing long lengths of fabric designed by Kangan Arora which was then cut and sewn into cushions by Etemi Otubu.  Paper printing was also on show making posters for the 3rd Rail Presents shop and gallery which you can also see here with my favourite artist's editions by Mr Penfold. Head over to their site to find out more about the studio for access or renting a desk space and see the full range of merchandise in their store including Lynnie Zulu and Hattie Stewart. 

(I also had to include a pic of our dinner from Nandine upstairs because today marks the end of Veganuary and their food is the best thing I've had all month, absolutely delicious with every morsel and so many different flavours in one platter!!!!)

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Monday 22nd January: Patternity X John Lewis "POSITIVE PATTERNS"

I’ve been a fan of pattern powerhouse “Patternity” since their inception and enjoyed following their success from screen printing tights to exhibitions, events, book deals and collaborations such as The Imperial War Museum and Clarks shoes.  The latest and most epic venture is with John Lewis to bring a range that merges home and fashion of over 100 pieces. The collection is called ‘POSITIVE PATTERNS’ with the concept to address and inspire positive rituals and flowing transitions in daily life.
My flow has literally been inspired with the athleisure line which I wore to Chromayoga before the official launch over the road at The Ace Hotel.  A whole day of workshops was laid on to to dig deeper into the themes of the collection, focusing on both our wellness and also practically using the pieces.  This involved mindful marble printing to match their gratitude journal and a meditation practise supported with the sweat towel and cushion!
Organic cotton and recycled materials have been used on these items where possible and designed to be multifunctional and inspire mindful living.  The event taught us that by taking time out for ourselves during a working day is ultimately more productive.  So it’s a double whammy of relief to our consciousness to be assured that the items are ethically produced.  Another bonus has resulted by John Lewis researching and adopting these manufacturing processes so that it will carry into other products across their departments.
So, congratulations Anna & Grace for both this beautiful collection and for actively championing Fair Trade practises to one of the county’s biggest high street retailers!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday 15th Feb: Rest In Peace Harry Uzoka

I absolutely love the opportunity to photograph backstage at fashion shows; to capture the details in the hair, beauty and garments that you can't appreciate on the runway.  However its tricky because of the high-pressure environment of models either running in from the previous show or running off to the next.  They are usually on high-alert, not to mention all the teams responsible for getting them in place to walk out on time.  So breaking up that nucleus with a lens as an invading stranger to the system is a strange dynamic.  Backstage photographers aren't wanted by anyone and although its a necessary evil for PR purposes, noone holds back in making you feel unwelcome.

That is, for the occasional pearl nestling in the grit.  Here is model Harry Uzoka who I got to know over the seasons of London Fashions Mens Collections because since I first stopped him for a close up at Christopher Shannon's show in 2013, he always remembered me. 

In the fashion world people either avoid saying hello because you are deemed uncool and association would bring them the same doom or transversely fall over themselves to get close to you if your'e the current "one to watch".  However, there’s a slither of the community who are genuinely unthreatened enough in there own self-esteem to be human and communicate outside of this sleaze.  There's also a remaining 2% that are new to the game and probably too naive to imagine such a bizarre code of conduct.  Harry fitted into both of the latter.  He was out on his own cosmic trajectory, untouched by the bullshit despite having started modelling young.

When I found out about his death at the weekend I was deeply, deeply shocked and saddened.  I described him as a "special soul" and when I looked up the news story it turned out that I wasn't the only person to use this description. 

It's not just a tragedy that a promising and positive young man was taken away too young in an unnecessary act of violence but the thing that's upsetting me is also for his family.  As testament to his open and natural nature, he must have been brought up with unprecedented care.  He had the manners to raise above his environment and always be the best the version of himself without fail.  He would always call out to me, make time for me, be patient and leave me with a spring in my step.  No agenda.  He was just a shining light.  A special soul.